The Learning Curve

Jess SaloonFew activities are more likely to cause parental/child rifts than having the latter teach the former how to use a computer or a programme on it.  For someone whose mobile phone when he was a child was two cocoa tins joined by string all this silicon chips business is all a bit much. It is a moot point which has to exercise the most patience. Child at the appalling lack of understanding of even the most basic concepts or parent at how they can have so totally failed to teach their children tolerance.

Just has one of those sessions.  Abject surrender was my way out!



There we are then. Saturday 27th April, one day after I shook the dust of Laing O’Rourke from my feet, avoided the pillar of salt issue (though I do have to be back on Tuesday to give the car back) And started the first day of the rest of my life – at five o’clock! No justice. Still got a lot done and should make it away by 10 tomorrow, only a day late.

We are having April showers today. Bit of hail for good measure, between the sunny bits, though nobody could pretend it was warm.

That will have todo for my first post as dinner and a quickly down he pub beckons.